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Whether it’s a reminder of a bad relationship or , a bad tattoo, when you have ink you no longer want, it makes you uncomfortable in your skin. At GLO Laser and Med Spa in Houston, Texas, you can get your tattoo removed safely and effectively. Dr. Yujing Li uses the cutting-edge PicoSureⓇ laser system to permanently remove all the colors of your tattoo without damaging the surrounding skin. To learn more about this innovative tattoo removal procedure or to schedule your appointment, call or book online today.

Tattoo Removal Q & A

How does laser tattoo removal work?

Laser tattoo removal uses light energy that penetrates deep into your skin and focuses on the pigmentation of your tattoo. With the PicoSure laser, the pulses occur so rapidly that they create pressure changes around the molecules of pigmentation, causing them to shatter.

Once the ink has been broken up into tiny pieces, your body carries them away via its lymphatic system.

Since the PicoSure doesn’t use heat energy to destroy these molecules, it doesn’t damage the surrounding tissue. It’s also safe and effective for all skin types and tattoo ink colors.

What happens during laser tattoo removal?

When you see Dr. Li for laser tattoo removal treatments at Southwest Laser Skin Care, she uses the FDA-approved CynosureⓇ PicoSure device. The doctor administers picosecond laser light into your skin, where its targeted energy can focus on the tattoo ink pigmentation.

Depending on the size of your tattoo, laser tattoo removal treatments typically last 10-15 minutes. Although most patients report that the procedure isn’t painful, many compare it to the sensation they felt when getting the tattoo.

Once Dr. Li completes the treatment, you’re free to go without restrictions or downtime.

What side effects occur with PicoSure tattoo removal?

Immediately after your PicoSure laser tattoo removal treatment, you may experience mild redness for 1-3 hours. In some cases, you may develop a temporary hypopigmentation or lightening of the treatment area. As your skin heals, this lightening disappears.

How many laser tattoo removal treatments do you need?

Tattoo removal isn’t a quick process and to get optimal results, Dr. Li typically recommends 4-10 treatments, spaced 6-8 weeks apart.

The number of treatments needed to remove your tattoo depends on a range of factors, including the tattoos:

  • Location
  • Size
  • Age
  • Colors
  • Ink depth

If you have a tattoo that you want gone, it’s time to contact Southwest Laser Skin Care. Dr. Li can evaluate your tattoo and develop a treatment plan to eliminate your old ink. Call the office today or book your initial consultation online.

Even if you’ve had laser tattoo removal before and it didn’t work, don’t worry. Dr. Li can make it happen.